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Frayed Threads 2022 art



The visual art of the who and what that take part in Frayed Threads.

with descriptions added to images and a bit of Me talking about said piece.


sleepy ybr legs night crawl ocean crawl story say looking up futile CW:decap(dry) cave hide boroods shadow first oput of the sun clothe comic approach shaded forest apprentice tell off azemr discuss local khoduk CONTENT WARNING body horror fip reboot consy bow rushing past burning horizon catharsis patrol runner living in empty east watching bleeding sun tailless masker wailing stone border held aloft hand bleed harpoon fir will martyr prayer hold will martyr prayer tear will martyr prayer bleed confrontation eye chart containment bone crouching pictos curl drip watchtower wyrm loop indecisive boar hunched over sword torch in the jaw chew on roses tear out under shade of tree broken nootka bounty hunters debut ybr standing orca sinking sunset at mountain spine windsewpt matus shadows orca ride big fucking worm is shiny mask maker dishevel ybr haf dagger to the throat apprentice strings ybr first. wielder last scarf time azemr spirea mask maker bite mark dagger and bowl restless shhamblr pour kikivu torch halo kikivu nail bat natri dance matus breath matus bite CONTENT WARNING: self inflected wound boar frown blizzard blep crown of hands matu three face wielder fish

needle held ready