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December 1, 2022

Content Warning: Decapitation. (dry)

-[DESCRIPTION: Holding onto the now severed head of the so-called "Nameless monster", Bazegwa comes to terms
with the actions of which she has just done.
though unaware that Ybr is... fine]-

I wanna talk about this piece a bit. it was a work in progress for a good while. chewing myself up that i just
couldn't get it Right.
turns out it did me some good to simply use a different visual style.
here was the sketch i was chewing up on:

and also heres this bit.

-[DESCRIPTION: Baze holding the head, feeling all sorts uneasy.
the eye opens up and ybr looks at her, upside down. "You think youre so clever?"
getting even more freaked out, baze decides to throw the head as far away from her as possible. "BIIIiitchhh" is ybrs waning voice.]-