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December 6, 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: Treading up the Oceans surface, Matu slaps a wet hand against a cliff
of the mountain that they've felt trapped on for far too long. ]-

truth coming out of the ocean to shame A Lot Of Things

and heres a bonus comic thing

-[DESCRIPTION: Bazegwa and Mask Maker are in argument. baze shouting "are you SURE you looked EVERYEHRE?"
Maskey points to either side of it, "YES both HERE and THERE!"
"Every nook and cranny?" "YES" ]-

Maskey is getting really riled up "the only place left is the ocean! i dont know where else matu could have gone to!"
baze is looking ahead, squinting.

Theres matu, walking up to shore. the other two just watch them.

Matu simply walks past them. the Oceans water drip dropping off their bare body.
maskey and baze are simply agast. "WHAT THE FUUUUU-" ]-