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Fan Comics

these are a select collection of small silly comics of things that I had dabbled in.
fan art 2.0 rather.
Nothing too spectacular but it's the goofs and gags that matter. WOO.w
dont take em seriously.

I've also gone the extra leg for adding detailed descriptors
for accesibility aid or if the visuals aren't loadng or something, those should suffice.
For all of these comics, they're put in no particular order. not bothering with sorting dates.
some of them got gifs!




Most of the comics are of the co-op character that I just gone with simply calling "Coop".
I have never played co-op mode.
And all I know of what it's like is from only one single video online during a boss fight.
Coop is a little shit.

ending beard bird feeder

guardian dies fraud mech

last day missing piece pillar

papa j taxes

Never played Hylics 1 or 2.
instead just watched some play throughs of it.

knockers relic

A movie from the 70s.
One of the best worst things I've ever seen.
for a movie from the 70s, makes itself very clear that its a movie from the 70s.
SO if you're looking for obtaining it, either by legal means or otherwise, do be mindful of timely taste.

consequence fire aesthetic judgment roommate lunch

im gonna. uhhhh.
make a whole other section for the phantom paradise comics.
because. the five above were done... whenever
these 40+ below
were done in the span of
three months.
THREE FUCking months.
what the fuck came over me?

bite cape door

rat beef mute

slam tits tunes

meaty soundbite mark my words

normal plunger wall

explode chicken hat

frame name heya

union take flash

tea read lock

bolt what hide

write bow and arrow dig

sleep broom shower

pop bling blade

chair heel candle

key time raise

switch suit wham

sun cheese run

who nothing brick


im sick of these particular comics. i ppysically had to stop myself.
but yet... i continue...
fuck this movie...

fish threat book

cry POV egg

grease bonk lipstick

eye apples contract

penetrate felt