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DEC 9 2017

-[DESCRIPTION: Guardian stands around, enjoying a cuppa coff. OR at least TrIes to as hell breaks loose off screen.
A zoom out to show that the hell is the hell that is breaking loose. Lo and Behold, it's just Coop and Drifter chasing eachothers tail. The former is all jovial and mischevious prancing about, while the latter is just pissed off and with some sort of beard on the face. Guardian is in the middle.
When Guardian finally has enough, they hold a hand out in calculative posture as Coop dashes through.
AND gets bashed down into the ground by Guardians slamming palm finishing move.
Breaking the mug by a cletched fist, Guardian sends out a loud Question Mark. Wanting some sort of explaination as to what the fuck is going on!.
By which Drifter explains the origins of the beard.
It was when he took a nap, Coop got his hands on a fake beard and some glue. The rest is history.
Guardian dies on the inside.]-

*vague hand gestures* shenanigans.