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pop (comic)

March 14, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There is Matu and Ybr. just... looking at each other.

Matu was the first to make a move, holding their hands out. this took ybr by surprise, who then leans out towards them.

The two get closer, pulling to each other into a hug. and then curling around the other to deepen it. this is something they both need.

A moment passes, being within each others presence, with this rare calm between. and then ybrs head pops off in matus hands.

Takes a bit for the two of them tp process what just happened. as matu looks down at ybr with the severed head in their arms.
then looking up at the now lopped body of ybr standing over them, matu is by all means uneasy with the situation.

However they'll take the situation as an opportunity. as while matu is still holding onto ybrs head, they run.
they made a dash while giggling.
When ybr realizes what is happening, the rest of the body springs into action to chase after matu and recover the head.
matu continues to run past the camera as their smile erupts into laughter and ybr screams above/behind them "FUCKER"]-

woke up. make a cup of hot cocoa. started making this. when I was done, the beverage was making me about to burst.

now despite looking similar to THIS COMIC, its just that i didnt bother making a seperate file. they have no relation.