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chase (comic)

March 14, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Mask Maker is running on all fours trying to get the fuck outta dodge from Bazegwa
who is bulldozing behind him with a sword in her hand.

Maskey takes a moment to look behind itself before facing forward once more as he continues to run.
but there wasn't enough tome for him to react as it just crashes right into the body of Matu,
who just stands there unfazed by the impact.

It takes a moment for matu to process what just happened and looks down at where maskey is groaning at their feet.
matu looks out to peer at bazegwa, who has stopped in her tracks.

Holding up the flimsy and knocked out body of maskey by the neck, matu stares sternly at bazegwa, who is quietly sweating up a storm.
who only gets surprised and confused as matu then begins to smile, still gripping him by the neck.

A blush starts to form on her face as bazegwa finally speaks out, "uhhh... you um. y-you can keep him-... if it makes you happy..."
indeed it does make matu happy. they continue to smile , placing a hand to their cheek.
then tightens the grip to maskers neck as they hold him up to their wide open maw ready to maul him. ]-

yet another experiment of art styles with the use of my folks. at like. 2 am.

now despite looking similar to THIS COMIC, its just that i didnt bother making a seperate file. they have no relation.