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Restless Shambler

March 18, 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: the bipedal shape of... something- a body that shouldn’t be. A large blank head with only a row of bared orange teeth, a sloping red neck with the likeness of a scraggly wolves tail hanging off. The torso is a sickly green with the lower half of ribs poking through. Heavily furred bird-like legs protrude from. One foot is relatively “normal” looking for lack of a better term, while the other is greatly exaggerated with much too long talons jutting out.]-

"Restless Shambeler", one of the many names put in reference to What Lingers In Empty East.
No one knows what the restless shambler looks like-
all through a conviluuted game of telophone through myth and stories as told by the few survivors who came back/spared and are even willing to speak of.