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take a bath in literal magma. whatever. who gives a shit

November 6, 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: Within a river of hot gurgling molten rock, A figure stands in the middle of it all. She's unfazed by such an element. Sporting a mask with horns that rise tall and fangs that hang low. with curly dark hair that amounts to half her bulky weight.]-

if any of yall are able to recall a way old character from the past called Demom, here's a cookie
and even if you don't, this electronic emoji is for all to gaze.

Alright so I was in a bit of a chat with my good buddy pal friend Beezah, and soon came to realize that I GOTTA draw her.
Putting down lines and colors all up until the point of midnight.
so here's like. Demom 2.0 - or rather I'll just go with Fip, as was her lastname. weh.

Gonna make her reboot version be bigger, better, sweatier, faster, stronger in every which way possible! All the more badass compacted in.
This time she's gonna be a volcano based god. can't be cooler than that. something something cooler and lava joke. i dunno.
she Was originally a demon, demon mom. demom. who had horns, thought such features wouldn't fit well in this go of Frayed Threads so
thought best to translate with slapping a big ole mask on.
She would still bake stuff and use the guts of mountains as a giant oven.