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egg. (2)

August 19, 2022

oh shit we got some motherfucking god damn eggs.


did these after SPATULA.
And then made two eggs instead of one. had enough wool out anyway so might as well.
also thinking of making a FRYING PAN to go with as I make this webpage.
but if the link dont work, then that just means I didn't bother with making a frying pan. dont worry bout that.

Now theres the whole thing of "finding beauty with imperfections". I wanted to do these with the eggs.
blobby shapes instead of circles. bubbles and burnt edges. organic and realistic appearence. whatever.

-[DESCRIPTION: Two sunny side eggs. One is more burnt up than the other with more black/brown wool added along. the yolk part is round.]-


both front both back

burnt close raw close

spatula hold


flip hold

wanted to do a few shots of like. having the spatula flip the egg...

flip 1 flip 2 flip 3

... took a few tries to get something good enough.

hold close burnt hold close raw

stove 1 stove 2

fig table bench

bench spatula

moss moss burnt moss raw

moss lean moss hand


rock back rock raw rock burnt



take out the colors needed:
white, white, white, pink-white, yellow, yellow, orange, red-orange, brown, brown, brown, brown, black, gray.

brown first white first specks first

edges burn second white make wet

began with layering up the tile of wetting. started with bottom up, and then worked to front side. sunny side. the side where the yolk will be.

fold soap burnt tile

And then did wetting.

It's somwehere at this point my cousin got interested in what I'm doing, and wanted to join in. So I told him what to do.
in very broken and sparce russian and the use of pantomiming. geh.

first roll shrink second roll

Had to do some shrinkage for the tile, roll it out twice, so both length and width get affected.

second shrink burnt done burnt flip

raw colors raw layers raw texture

and onto the second egg because fuck it!

prep yolks size diff raw tile

I was telling myself to make sure to take another photo outside the bubble wrap so that yall can see the size difference pre and post shrinkage
I immediately forgot.

extra layer wet yolks both tiles

yolk sides

tweezer tweezer hole holy egg

now for a instrument I havent used for a while, these weird tweezer things. drill some holes through the eggs.

octopus octo conform yolk stack

yolk shapes position yolks octo yolk

gets yolked bitch

yolk on yolk cover tuck yolk

making sure the yolks wont esily get pried off, tucked in the edge, which made them rather flat.

duo needle punch yolk done

aaand done.

heres stab counter. the other ide of post it note from the spatula. got get 38 times.

stab counter


slap this shit on my hat and call it accessorizing