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leaping magician (but digital)

December 27, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: a humanoid shape, probably human, probably not, who knows.
a dark full body cloak with a bright cyan stripe at the lower half and a bright pink at upper half.
the overall shape is exagerated, stylized, and abstrated. with curving body and floating limbs.
theres a red mask of the face with blank white eyes and an open somewhat smiling mouth. ]-

i decided to draw the THIS ONE electronic way.

yeah might as well make em a Character character..
so like. heres some pointers to the personality and stuff...:

•slinky bastard
•raids your fridge and wardraobe
• will try to get out of trouble by flirting. terribly.
so bad that you just let him off with a pass to save both your dignities
•would rather jump through windows than open the door.