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Here is the changelog to keep track of the big bones

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  • + JUL/29/2022 +
    spent. the last for days. just. BULLDOZING. on finally putting the meat into Frayed Threads.
    just took ten months since making this website to get to it.
    made all the art pages thus far. dont have any more power in me to do anything else. just art. and the cast page.
    had to make sure it was TODAY. one year ago of this day is big.

    ✦ JUN/25/2022 ✦
    slapped in a bunch of old fan comics. aint shiny at all but im proud of those jokes..

    ✦ MAY/7/2022 ✦
    Not really an update for anything in particular, but I (RE)made a goog doc of COLOR OF DEVELOPER. yeah.
    in the mean time I had gone back with the FELTINGS and added some descriptions. As well as playing around with the NAV BAR... expect some changes soon on there.

    ✦ FEB/2/2022 ✦

    Released website to the world. 1.0. A taste.
    WOOH. 🦐🦐🦐
    woo h. 🦐
    Here is a "strangling serpent diary thread ". on TUMBLR
    if you will. an absolute fuckery I've created.
    Which a week and some later, I sought to pull away from social media for a time.

    ✦ JAN/16/2022 ✦
    Completed "FELTINGS" section.

    DEC/6/2021 ✦
    Completed the pages of all the years of "DIGITAL" arts I've made

    ✦ NOV/13/2021 ✦
    Finished putting together in the "PAINTS" section

    OCT/6/2021 ✦
    Made this thing. WOO🦐
    what made me REALLY kick this thing off was the internets events of OCT/4/2021, I took a walk most of that day.
    So I didn't -really- witness the adverse effects. which was good.