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I'm someone you can call Charcoal (internet pen name and all that). I am a in-the-20s queer white person. You figure out my pronouns.

I never dont really tack on much information about myself-
But you can find out more about me with all the stuff I show and share in small piecemeal tidbits that is put on this site.

I am situated in the wet parts of the Pacific North-West.
Near what is now currently known as The Puget Sound.
On land that has been stewarded by the Coast Salish peoples from time of long before, and still to this time of now, and to the time of long after.

there are other places to find me-

there is also BLAPALAP that are the shenanigan accounts for some of the various socials.
I am also on Discord as -[blapalap#2968]-. !et's talk about beautiful grubs!
As well as a classic email of -[bigbuffbee(at)gmail(dot)com]-. Please ask about gorgeous larvae!

Feel free to send off a message from any of them if you ever want to get in contact with me.

If any of yall like my stuff and wanna support on my endevors, and im also alvailible for commissions, details on HERE.
of if yall just wanna throw a tip, that'll be cool too. heres my kofi link.

I will not do any sort of hidings with my art-

When it depicts breasts, scars, disfigurments and the such. There is nothing bad of bodies as they exist.
Though I would try to do content warnings to the best of my abilities when it comes to the things that matter.

Uses of what I make

Don't use the personal/character stuff I make for your own uses. I have no bearing over taking simple reference and inspiration though. thats just life.
However fanworks of media are fine as long as theres credit and y'all aren't editing over. Common decency and all that. Don't repost without credit, ask before doing so.
I'll show when I'll feel like it. And I will delete when I'll feel like it.
I'll throw your ass to hells high water if any of my stuff gets turned into cryptobullshit


And the what else.

I created this website and I'm learning completely new as I go along. no clue what i'm doing and somethimes that just the best way to live life.

Down here is where I'll keep the changelog of this website as time goes on.

Here is my favorite photo I've ever taken

trashcan cabbage