AHU Back

Pre "Mass Extinction"

||So a bit of lore and explanation of this whole page||
At July 29th 2021, I did set out to take all that I have done for this Animal-In-My-Brain, and just...

Throw it out the window. Clear the table off. Wipe everything off. Do a "mass extinction" and whatever other methaphor that can work for this scenario.
Pretty much reset everything, going all the way back to square on.
Everything that I've made in 6ish+ year time and just tossing it out, save for only a small handful that I had kept,
in which I used to the best of my ability to carry over.

So with that, here are a selection of art that I had done before everything to do with "Mass Exctiction"
In no particular order.
and of the characters shown with pretty much no other context other than name of who.
You might just recognize a few...

I do ask that if yall ever have the itch to make art of these particular ones, please do not depict these characters, this is only for archival purposes.

demom cheer bevito chase dot hug bastard tackle tejam wave dot fall koro fire slapstick immolation titan laser seer hex demom roar

So yall are probably wondering, "why?"
"why" indeed...
well the short answer is simple.
I wasn't thinking much of my actions.

Now the long answer is that as to what I had going on, was just. Bad.
Not in meaning "BAD" as in "oh a bunch of empty plot holes and a whole lot of inconsistency and stuff...".
But more so "BAD" as in "oh no".

What I was going for would have pertained to bringing more harm to what story telling is. I have a responsibility to do right by such.
I am in no position to tell about the narrative elements that I was to hold.
Things that should have made me ashamed much earlier than then, but that I must admit. Won't be telling of such here,
as I feel it is best to put the shadows to rest and undisturbed. Perhaps I will tell more of explanation in later or so.

But what I will put down as a bit of context as to what I am talking about:

Before with I have of Frayed Threads as it is Now, nearly everything about it was different. Very much so.
The background theme was of me trying with "human vs monster" aspect and making a story out of it.
That brings harm in what IS "human" and what IS "monster" is relatively superficial for how I was potraying either type of folks.
And the setting was in a tundra, A sort of enviorment that I have no lived experiance in.
waving off and using the tundra as something /nothing more than a frozen hellscape/.
The harm in that is considering land of something either "useful" or "useless".
a mindset derived for what is arable, and the destruction that can be wrought onto ecosystems and the people who rely on them.


As well just in general, the characters that I've had in use was just not good potrayals.
ranging in shallow joke gimmicks to being shallower shadows of self.

They deserved better.

And then the just in general trajectory that I was aiming for, I just did not like, so what's the point in working on something that feels barren? yknow.

And as such, after the events of a mass extiction, there is a phenomenon known as adaptive radiation.
where from those who manage to stay, they change to fill in what is left. and in a way of me making this beast, feels like the metaphor can fit somewhat.