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Tea (comic)

March 8, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Clasping his hands behind its back, Mask Maker stands behind Bazegwa while she looks out ahead. when she felt fingers
tapping on her shoulder, Bazegwa turns around and peers up sternly at him, while Mask maker simply leans down with a soft grin on its face.
"I pray of a cease for the ease of peace?" Mask Maker speaks with his grin turning a bit nervous.
Bazegwa continues to stare daggers up at it,
then takes a moment to breathe deeply and sigh out. "yeah.... yeah sure." she looks up, the tension lowering. "we can have peace."
a beat passes before she speaks again. "wadayawan?"

With her agreement, he beams out. "Ah great!" his hands move from behind its back. "I offer..."
it is now holding a wooden bowl in front of him,
"food for that of will good." taking a moment to look over the bowl, Bazegwa accepts it into her own hand.
she looks back up at mask maker with a shit eating grin, "if I find this to be poisoned..."
she holds the bowl up to her face, "im gonna beat the shit outta you." Mask Maker doesn't
hesitate at all as it starts shouting out "MY SOFT BELLY IS EXPOSED TO THE WORLD. BEAT MY MEAT AS YOU PLEASE!".

Bazegwa just.. she just stares at him. absolutely flabbergasted at his choice of word use.
tension and every other such emotion dripping down thickly within her.
though she decides to do better than to act on those feelings and just starts taking the contents of the bowl in her mouth
with a great big SLURP.

However all that seems to immediately be forgotten and everything is back to normal. "oh uh hm."
she looks down at the bowl. "this is actually pretty good. whats it?"
Mask Maker smile only grows, "ah well. just some milt tea." Bazegwa starts to take slower and smaller sips, savoring the food.

taking one last sip, she finishes up and turns back to him, "wait. what kind?"
he holds a finger up, "sweet milt tea. brewed over the fire this morning."]-

I was thinking of the outline for this lil comic as I was walking on the way home yesterday.
I never had sweet milt tea before, so I dont know what its actually like.

and NO I am not making a spelling mistake of the word "milk". look up what milt is if you dont know.

and it was on that day I fell into a duck pond.