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SUN die (comic)

August 28, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There is the sun. matu is making direct eye contact with it.

As they continue staring up at it, matu slowly moves an arm in upward motion. "I-....."
their arm snaps to point directly at the sun. "I WILL DIE IN YOU".

Their voice gets louder as they continue with their declaration. "AND YOU WILL DIE IN ME."

Meanwhile, elsewhere bazegwa is peeking over her shoulder, with mask maker sitting nearby.
"they could talk?" she asks as she makes a gesture with her thumb towards
whatever is happening off screen. "uh. hah... not usually." is all mask maker says as he opens an eye.]-

i dont think ive had much instances of matu actually speaking out loud. guess this could work.

matu will kick up dust and boulders and throw it all towards the sun,
and the sun... will be indifferent to the entire cumulative actions.