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stab (comic)

March 16, 2023

Content Warning: CHOKING
and unhealthy dynamics.

-[DESCRIPTION:The one called Mask Maker holds its head in hands, "be honest... did- am-..."
he shifts his head around, "have I made a huge terrible mistake?" the hands leave its head and are held out. "AM I? Please."

Maskey looks to Matu, waiting for their response. matu takes a moment to think, slowly turning to face towards them as their mouth opens.

They stand there, trying to think of what to do, what to say. of how to answer such a question. they get more uneasy as they
are put on the spot. eventually their hand moves up, pulling out the dagger.

His eyes peer downwards, seeing the dagger. then its eyes look back up to their face.
confusion quickly making way into cold fear. as everything closes in.

Before there was time to react, matu lunges forward. leaping through the air, one hand pinning him down by the neck
as the other holds the dagger in ready use.

Shaky breath comes through as masked tries to gasp, only for the hold of his neck gets more firm.

Leaning over it, giving maskey no chance to escape, matu brings the blade closer.
their eyes giving way into gaining the colorful rings. a sign that things are about to get worse as their tears become dark ichor.

Matu doesn't know what to do, their body giving way as they start crying and more hot
and angry tears start falling. they us the free hand to tightly hold their head, to hide their face,
to stifle everything down as it all starts flowing down. the dagger is pushed down. shoving the blade with a SHUNK.

Though it turns out that the dagger is shoved into the ground, near its head. instead of being shoved into its head near the ground.

The two of them just... sit there. matu crying with their hands over their face and as maskey
slowly moves closer. gently placing a hand on them and pulling matu closer to him for a soft embrace]-


also im REALLY loving this sort of stylization I got going on. dont have a name for what my hands are experimenting with.
really proud of the number 5.