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show rock (comic)

August 13, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Mask Maker is just standing around, minding its own buisness. then feels a tugging at its cloth.
looks down to see that its Kikivu whos doing the tugs.

Maskey looks down at her in a mix of bemusment and concern. it clasps his hands together "y- yeah? whats up kikivu?"
to that, kikivu pulls her arm up. holding a peculiar little pebble. a very cool pebble at that!

The pebble is looked at. silently at first before maskey got all starry eyed about it. "OH A ROCK cool!"
he reaches a hand over the pebble, "i hold?" kikivu nods, allowing him to take ahold of the pebble.

Having the pebble sit in the palm of his hand, maskey marvels at it. theres genuine happiness when it speakis,
"thank you for showing me this. I really DO mean it..."
though from behind him, a pair of angry eyes appear.

Using the distraction, Bazegwa stalks up closely, holding a bone to weild in her clutch.
resting a hand on his cheek, maskey looks up. "wow... could this day... get Any better?"
and so the universe ansxwers his question by having baze swing the bone onto the back of its head,
knocking him out instantly with a clear crisp "CLONK". ]-

it did get better. get clonked.

... i really do like how i was able to depict maskeys tits in that way on the first page. half eclipse.