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SHAVE (comic)

December 12, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Bazegwa is just standing around, arms crossed, minding her own business.
then whoop- here comes the Mask Maker!
she doesnt want mask maker around... grumbling

She REALLY doesnt want it around. not at all. not even in the slightest bit. so of course
he has the bright idea to lean in closer to her.

Though before the ire has a chance to completely boil over, baze takes a step back.
she looks at it up and down... assessing the situation in front of her.

Quickly, her hands move about, seemingly to get into some sort of fighting stance.
though she only grabs onto the tuft of his chest hair, instead of the more reasonable punching.
it does have maskey be a bit confused...

And before anything else can happen, baze reels her arm back just as fast.
tearing off those hairs with a clear crisp "SHIRIIK".
maskey winces.

then comes the pained reaction. a raw spot on the skin on the center of its torso of the impromptu shave.
as for baze, her satisfaction will come at a later time, for now all she can do is angrily hope he learned its lesson
as she clenches the locks of trousled fur. ]-

this comic is to do with 2 things.
A) to show the dynamic of these two from any any given time...
and B)that if i were to for some reason forget to draw patches of body hair on him, and him especially,
then that there would be a quasicanonical reason why some areas are smooth.
for how dare i were to ever skip out on body hair...


and here is a bit of how i draw. yeah i do line art first...

just not in the traditional sense...