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March 2, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Matu and the one called Mask Maker are in a stand off. Matu hunched and the dagger in their hand, while the other stands
straight and calm. they approach him to be right up in his face.

The dagger is pulled up to him, placed just onto his throat. Matu is still tense as Mask Makers confidence just now starts to falter
realizing the position he is in, it just takes a bit more pressure of Matus hand to really dig the dagger in.

However the fear loops back around and brings the confidence back again.
Mask Maker points to the dagger aimed right to his neck as he speaks with a smile. "what are you gonna do? PENETRATE me with it? stick it
right into my warm soft flesh?" Matu doesn't know what the fuck to do, their eyes widen and go bloodshot. they stare at him aghast.

Taking a moment to collect themselves, Matu slaps their hand upside his head. the dagger now lowering away.]-

*shrugs* wanted to experiment with comic styles of my folk.

prequel to the THIS COMIC