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no touchy (comic)

August 10, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: -[DESCRIPTION: Both the one called Mask Maker and the one named Ybr
are lounging in the same space. maskey is just sitting there while ybr naps away.

Maskey takes a moment glancing on down, observing the scruffy neck of ybr. cautiously and slowly moves its hand closer.

His fingers run through the soft material. ybr awakes, with a start.

Instantly ybr takes action to jumping and maskey clears way.

Ybr lands back down in a defensive pose, eye wide open in fright and confusion.

On the other side, maskey stumbled backwards. sweating hard and breathing just as much.

The two sit there for a moment, just looking at each other.

In the realization that he meant no harm in that touch, ybrs head drops and fists clench.

Some sense of tension relaxes in the air between. ybr curls inward and faces away in embarrassment.

Before simply walking away to leave maskey alone. theres nothing it can really do
except just watch ybr walk, sinking with his own sense of shame.]-

no touchy.

thats trauma baybeee.
i do imagine that ybr has a really fluffy neck, something you can just sink your arm into.
not that i would recommend. the softness a good contrast to the bones of everything else.