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Mountain Spine

February 15, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: at the very edge of where most anyone else would dare to give one more step...
though there are the occasional exceptions. and from the dust of the horizon, rises the spires of Mountain Spine.
All as the sun casts down its light. ]-

when I am to depict (formally I just called it empty east, now im trying to shift into nameless land for ambiguity)
It would be easy for me to make it a "barren wasteland" but... its mean enough for deserts to be considered as such. so I put effort into
depicting some form of plant/fungus to show that places are still. alive. sure stinted and unarable. but its still there. ...
And also in par of the place connected to ybr, and ybr connected to the place. damaged but still kicking.

earlier in time I would've had this version but the placement of the statue just made me think of the pointing guy meme,
so I shoved it back and covered it in lichen.