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lose head (comic)

September 29, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: THere is Matu, Maskmaker adn Ybr all sitting and chilling together.
though both matu and ybr begin to side eye each other.]-

After staring at each other for a moment, ybr begins to speak. slowly and calmly "fuck you."
obviously this would piss off matu.
Though before anything much could happen, Mask maker interjects in between.
"HEY whoa whoa whoa WHOA!" it speaks with hands up againt the air to create space between the tension.

Glancing between the two, maskey take a quick breath "hooh... okay..." and then clasps his hands together
and smiles sweetly. "lets not lose our heads heREE-!-"
something is making him fall off its own feet.

And that something was matu. grabbing onto its legs. and now holding onto it by the ankles.

Matu begins to wield maskey like some sort of weapon.
and uses him like a weapon.
swinging it around and delivers a great big TWACK upon ybr.

Ybrs eyes widen in processing whats happining, realizing that the head has become detached.
a gently wind whistling noise as ybrs head flies through the air, growing smaller and smaller with the distance.

Meanwhile back at the original spot, the body of ybr just simply stands there in shock and surprise.
an arm comes up to pat at the nub of the neck. searching for whats missing.

Get it? cuz like. maksey said "lets not lose our heads" and then. matu makes sure ybr does.
as if they were taking it litteral instead figuratively. a
and like. welp.
now head gone. hoowoo.