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identity crisis (comic)

October 28, 2023

Content Warning: MILDLY SEXUAL

-[DESCRIPTION: Matu is just sitting there, minding their own business, looking a tad uneasy about something.
then mask maker walks up from behind, leaning down to their level.
"hey! whatcha doing?" he cheerfully asks. "thinking" matu states. "thinking about what?"

Mask maker has taken to now be sitting next to them, hands on chin. full interest. it only makes matu even more uneasy.

matu sweats over their thoughts, imagining a scenario of their alternate versions
of apprentice and godhood being rowdy and sensual with one another.

Finally, matu admits what is getting to them. "my identity crisis is having sex in my head."

All that maskey can do is just sit and listen and be supportive. "ah! i see. yes."
he acts like it fully understands what they mean.]-

matu was told "to go fuck yourself". and. well they... they sure did.