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hold fight

November 20, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Here both matu and ybr are engaged in a tussle, hard to say whos in the defeat or victory.
As matu has themself wrapped up around ybrs neck, a lock of the red mane
hair held between teeth. under ybrs blue face, a toothy maw is forming into a grimace. ]-

"You Construct Intricate Rituals To Touch The Skin Of Other [gods]" - Barbara Kruger.
all that and then some. you know how it is.

i WAS gonna have this be in like 2 versions where matu is going nuke mode in deity form.... but well.
all those liitle details ill have to draw and the lighting of the glowy light on top of everthing and just...
nah. just leave this as is.