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feed (comic)

March 28, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There is Mask Maker peeking over a big boulder.

At the other side of the boulder it peeks out of, masker can see Bazegwa biting and
gnawing and chewing at the wood and rope that binds her in place.

Masker turns around to face the others standing nearby. "ok the good news I that the bounty hunter is still there."
Kikivu looks out with intrigue, Ybr looks out with boredom. Matu folds their arm across their chest as they speak, "and the bad news?"

Masker looks at them, considering that there is of course always to be bad news.
"someone is..." he tries to smile, to ease the everything, "gonna have to feed her." sweat starts to drip down its face as he chuckles.

Ybr holds up a peace sigh as ybr fucks right off from there, falling apart into dust at the breeze.
matu and kikivu look up as that happens, then back to him. he shrugs out "ok so clearly ybr doesn't want to do it."

Clasping its hands together, maker smiles sweetly "matu.. are you- OK OK ILL DO IT."
he now knows matu also doesn't want to do it when their arm comes up and the hand wraps tightly around his throat.
their grip doesn't let up. "YOU CAN LET GO NOW."

Bazegwa is still at biting what holds her down. she senses something and quickly turns her head.
growling at the sight of masker standing there, holding a bowl.

"f-food." he holds up the down and points at it. "its boiled snow and...
well thats pretty much it. flavored with a scrap of dried salmon." things are now getting a bit nervous for him.
"and since you're tied up... ill need to put it to your mouth."

There isn't really much that bazegwa can do. she thinks to herself, debating the option,
"keep dignity but starve... or... eat." she contemplates everything of the world and
all her life and the choices that has led her up to this very moment. she closes her eyes and opens her mouth.

Sometime later, as matu is still just standing around, they can see mask maker emerge back out.
he looks worse for wear, beaten to shit, but still with a big ole smile. "OK FEEDING IS DONE!" he holds a thumbs up. ]-

I wanted to explore in in the timeline of before they even knew bazegwas name
and just called her "bounty hunter", and before matu gotten their robe. that period is sure. fun.