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January 23, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: eagerly clinging onto their wrist, Borood Ato-li Kuu bows before Matu the Apprentice.
tugging them a bit as he lowers himself]-

the only people Borood would ever bow down to is to The seer, The Seer's Apprentice, and his own lovely dear wife

-[DESCRIPTION: after having grabbing their hand, Borrod is immediately showering them with nonsense compliments.
being all like "Dearest Apprentice how are you this fine lovely day?" and "so great to see you!" and
"i sure cherish these monments! to even walk the same dirt as you!" and "*another thing bbeing said that i cant think of*"
Matu meanwhile is dying inside. only showing basic politeness. "no wonder his wife left him" they think to themself.]-