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"wanted poster"

November 12, 2022

Body Horror

-[DESCRIPTION: Stands a... Someone. a humanoid shape with insect features here and there scattered about.]-

trust not the local khoduk

Khoduka. Don't think I've ever talked about what they are Here as of yet.. yeah they're a whole thing.
Not always looking like a bug, but definitely a way that is Not Supposed To Be Like THAT.

some messed up stuff indeed.
weird zombie sort of folks.


-[DESCRIPTION: Bazegwa the Bounty Hunter looks at a sheet of paper, presumably the so called wanted poster.
She looks back out towards ahead, wearing unsure expression.
Switching back too the paper at hand, her expression getting more agitated when she puts her eyes forward once more.
she can't believe this shit at what she's seeing. finality of fury blows out when she just shouts to whoever off screen, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???".
absolute nonsense. ">