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Zine about ghosts on a skateboard

March 2022

Now for something silly and nonsensical.

 ghost zine 1  ghost zine 2 ghost zine 3

-[DESCRIPTION: “Ghost on A skateboard”

(A sheet ghost with pajama pants rides away on a skateboard)


“trips and falls

scraped knee

Blood drip upwards.


(The ghost flies forward from the skateboard, which hits a rock with a BONK.)


“... WElp

time to reinvent myself

maybe I wanna be a tiger”

(The left half of a tigers face)


“with a winter hat and earrings

(the tiger dons a hat with a puff and a couple of pendants hang from the ear)

and cool flowy hair”

(the tiger exhibits long hair with the wind)


“Fuck yeah”

(the tiger is now a sheet ghost) ]-

Here's what it looks like unprinted and unfolded.

 ghost zine print

Because the original nature of zines is to be shitty, cheap, DIY and all that mumbo jumbo, here's a link to GOOG DOCS if any of yall are wanting to print it out your self. fold along the dotted lines.

Then eat it. or don't. I'm just going for accesibility.

Yall can try askig me what is the meaning behind this, but theres not gonna be any sort of answer. I don't know either.

a zine of something silly. checked my notes for something I wrote in February back when my shape should have been sleeping. Might as well do something of it.