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Head JAw

September 2021

head jaw 1 head jaw 2

head jaw 3 head jaw 4

-[DESCRIPTION: (page 1) Someone sits on a couch, face shrouded by long hair.

(page 2) A close up to the Someone. Off from the side a voice speaks, "hey". Which causes a reaction for the Someone to open a single eye, super imposed in front of the hair.

(page 3) The voice asks "What are you thinking about?". As the Someone hears the question, a wolf-like snout emerges. Baring teeth at the ready.

(page 4) The Someone responds with "oh... um... ...nothing". In doing so jaws of the wolf-lke open fully agape, showing extent of sharp, curved teeth. Quickly followed by the action of the jaw clamping down hard onto air with a "SNAP".

Yeah so this isn't really something I normally make and show, and hopefully won't continue to do so...

Moments happen.

And just plopping this into the ZINE section cuz, well. where is is aptly enough to put in?