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Zine about CARS

March 2022

this is my first zine I've made, so why not start out on what I absolutely abhore?

That being cars and cars accesories.

car zine 1 car zine 2 car zine 3

-[DESCRIPTION: What America loves more than guns are cars.

(A Flag hangs from a pole)

Both three letter words. Both dig deep scars. One spills blood. One spills oil.

(A pole burns alit.)

So much has been reshaped for the sake of cars. Pretty houses with white picket fences and well maintained sterile lawns, have a room dedicated for the car.

(The peaks of fences, the shoots of a dandelion.)

Rivers that used to carry rich nourishing silt, are now replaced by hardened dark sludge of tarmac and asphalt.

(Rushing waters bank side.)

THEY say it’s an important milestone to have a drivers license. is it considered a “milestone” if there is No Choice in the matter? horizon upon horizon roads stretch on. roads meant for a car, not for walking to work. Job for a car, car for a job.]-

Here's what it looks like unprinted and unfolded.

 car zine print

Because the original nature of zines is to be shitty, cheap, DIY and all that mumbo jumbo, here's a link to GOOG DOCS if any of yall are wanting to print it out your self. fold along the dotted lines.

Then eat it. or don't. I'm just going for accesibility.

Theres a video i stumbled across some back... if i coome cross it i'll put it here...