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Stuff for Veils

A good dear friend of mine,

Heres some art I've made for it.

Some funky swag.

We really hit it off after a dead pigeon was found.

underground hole.

ArtFight Attacks 2021

(takes place in June)

(left)-[DESCRIPTION: A stain glass fixture depicts Toba with both hands on staff.]-

(right)-[DESCRIPTION: With angry tears of grief, Toba raises staff to carry out divine justice.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: Toba's pissed off and holds the cresent staff out at the ready.]-

I think that maybe There Could Be A Possibility.. that perhaps...

Toba isn't happy.

Just a hunch ~( ̄- ̄)~

-[DESCRIPTION: The Northward Prog crawls on both hands, leaning against an arm as a breath puffs out from the helmet.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: Sol dances and claps hands in step, in a very scribbly way.


Just for the hell of it

(September 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Soppy shows off some sweet dance moves. Or just showing off sweet boots.]-

(LEFT)(September 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Ichor looks downcast with a smile as hand are held in slow clap.]-

(RIGHT)(May 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Makyr rears up on hind centaurian legs and flexes the arms

(September 2020) -DESCRIPTION: Sol waves arms out as if in a dance and displays great joy out.]-

(January 2022) -[DESCRIPTION: Eadwynn in profile, with a forlone expression. Done in rather muted colors.

I'm proud of the nose

(February 2022) -[DESCRIPTION: 3R0-S (Eros) stands poised one legged with one hand in its pocket

while the other is held above its head all cool like. A pink smear of lipstick streaks across its helm-face.]-

(March 2022)

((LEFT)) -[DESCRIPTION: Eidolon sits in a lounging position, one leg propped up and an arm resting atop the knee]-

((RIGHT)) -[DESCRIPTION: Pluto runs, foot crashing against against the voids ground.]-

(March 2022) -[DESCRIPTION: Eros shows off the flare of a lacy skirt with some jig and a hoot of dance moves]-

🎂 sha-shawh!1!!