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Some pretty neat stuff.

Kicked my ass for inspiration.

Kicked her OCs with goofs.

Here be her.

sadren chat

(April 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Sadren holds his arms out as he chats away fervently.]-

Made this like a couple days after discovering.

sinuk roar

(August 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Sinuk midway through blacking out, a great bout of gods blood flows from her maw]-

sinuk gun

(August 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: A more cheeky Sinuk, jumping around with a metalock in hand.]-

cinte roar

(August 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Cinte roars angerly, bared teeth with his tounge whipped out as he scrapes the ground]-

ashe shadow

(August 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: The White Ghost inverted by the sun next to a totally normal conifer tree.

((That's not a normal tree. Probably not a tree entirely.))]-

party crew

(August 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: All Four of the Asthoam crew excitedly meeting up with each other]-

when the gang shows up at the supermarket, you know theres gonna be a party



motu mouth

(January 2022) -[DESCRIPTION: Motu opens up his mouth, to open up his mouth.]-

1-800Motu's fuckin pissed.org.wav

cinte crawl

(Maarch 2022) -[DESCRIPTION: Cinte clambers on by his arms, curtains of his hair is strewn all across his shape.]-

 hei vs len

(March 2022) -[DESCRIPTION: The greatest thief of all time, the one and only- HE who is what called "Beast Out Of The East" takes the challenge of tussling up against a some guy]-

I dunno... he looks so familiar, just can't put my finger on it. Maybe something about that shirt? .hm.

and then...

And then. There's uh-


This. (click it)

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