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  • (December 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: Janek bounds in, with a great big, jaw popping grin, and wags a finger up cheerfully.]-
  • (December 2021) -[DESCRIPTION: MR. Uncle springs up, arms up and smiling a mouth full of chompers!]-
  • (April 2021) -[DESCRIPTON: Coffin man waves the cloth of his cape, hoping to sell off some "legal" curiosities]-
  • ((None of that is acually legal.))
  • ((LEFT)) (December 2020) -[DESCRIPTION: Jules sets up for some conniving mischeif. Toothy grin included.]-
  • ((RIGHT)) (October 2020) -[DESCRIPTION: Cristoph walks up with a shrug and a smile.]-
  • (September 2018)-[DESCRIPTION: Jepi holds up Pierre, the latter wanting to kick the formers ass about it.]-
  • These ones was for ArtFight 2021

  • -[DESCRIPTION: The Sea Devil scrunches up his face into a grimace, displaying out a real mean stink eye.]-
  • -[DESCRIPTION: Coffin dude does the popular "stand over an air vent to show off them sweet gams" trick.]-
  • terry doll

    put thumbnail of that page in when i get to talking about it.. LINK.