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April 4, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan smiles as he pushes a paper across the desk towards phantom,
"okay heres this... ill leave you //alone//... AS LONG as you do nothing but write for me... sounds good?"

Phantom takes a moment to consider. then points a finger towards swan as he talks.
"you'll leave me alone... AS LONG AS I do nothing but write?"

Swans smile only grows, knowing damn well that his offer is a sweet and juicy offer that can't be resisted.
he pushes the paper just a little bit more to cement his single word answer, "yes."

One week later.
Swan holds a paper up with a proud and smug grin, "ok phoenix heres a new song for ya"
he hands the paper for her to take. "written by me of course."

Phoenix looks at the paper, reading it over. "uh..." she says the title out loud.
"/mr stupid man and bis big dumb glasses?"/ swan stops his grin abruptly when he hears the title.
She looks at him very confused, "y- you sure?"

Swan coughs a bit to keep his cool. "Ummm... yyyes. he puts his confidant facade back on,
surely as the one who wrote the song, he should remember what its about, surely he would have even
looked at the words. "yes thats the song I made and want you to sing". he wrings his hands
together into a tight ball, talking through a clenched smile. "its good to keep...
humble... every now and then." phoenix accepts it at face value.]]-

hey, swan wasn't specific, he just said to write, so phantom did.