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April 20, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan walks up to a piano. "hm. its usually at around this time hes... here."

Cupping his mouth, swan shouts out. "WINSLOW" the lid of the piano quietly lifts up, there he is.

The phantom rises from the piano, getting his rage and claws ready as swan looks out ahead,
completely unaware of whats looming behind him. phantom suddenly grabs onto swan by the head.

"YIEP" was the only sound swan makes as he's pulled into the piano. the piano sits still for a moment.

then comes the sound of brutal violence from the piano as calamity apocalypse is happening to the inside of it]-

aye the broken wood of the piano would still have a functioning purpose when phantom uses pieces as a bludgeon.
AND THIS shall be the last phantom paradise comic I am to make. for a long time at least.