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March 31, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Phantom is at his desk, plume and paper in hand. he's tired. like really goddamn tired.
swan shows up and points at the paper, "oh hey winslow up and at it, hows progress?"

He takes it anyway and looks at the paper, adjusting his glasses. swans smile flips in a
frown of confusion. "what..." he looks back at phantom and holds up the paper, "what is this?"

After taking a moment to drool, phantom slowly turns his head to look at swan.

Winslow leach hasn't eaten since becoming the phantom, hasn't seen sunlight since
coming to the paradise, and has sat in the same spot for days. everything is shit and
his everything is a clear sign of such. "huh?" his tiredness turns into anger.

Phantom drags his face across the desk as he moves closer to swan. he gets up close to him and points
a finger at swan. "WELL SWAN ILL tell you whats WHAT"

Swan looks up at him as phantom stands, his body shaking and legs wobbling. before phantom could utter
another word or take another breath, he collapses and falls apart on the ground. he has held on for so
long but eventually he gotta pass out at some point.]-

yeah I dont think the movie showed anything of phantom partaking in any of the
pleasures of life at all. goddamn that must suck.