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April 12, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Philbin is sitting around, reading a book. his reading gets interrupted by loud repeated whamming through the walls.

"SWAN CAN YOU BE A BIT QUIETER?" philbin shout out, and then tries to use the silence to continue reading, albeit very tensed up now.

However the silence doesn't last long and the whams come back. philbin has had enough of this shit and decides to run to the source.

Philbin bursts through the door, "SWAN I..." he looks out infront of him, the slightest bit of fear cropping up, "i... uhhhh..."

There he sees the phantom, holding onto swan by a leg, and the wall chipping away to the bricks underneath.
philbin holds his hands up as if to not provoke the phantom.

"WHAM" the phantom swings swan at the wall, just beating the shit out of him. "OH ok."
philbin now knows where the noises are coming from, he doesnt care]-

paper thin walls, whadaya expect.