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March 12, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Philbin leans into frame towards his boss. “uuhh hey swan”. “quick chat?” at the attention,
swan turns around to look. “ yeah.” philbin is playing cool and casual, “ah. great. cool.”
now philbin is really leaning towards him, clasping his hands together with a great big sweet smile.
“SO ive been your second in command for… how many years?” swan counts off from his fingers,
uh since like… 5 years.“ philbins smile only grows, showing all his teeth,
"ah and ive been your confidant with you through thick and thin for those years, yes?” uh yeah"

At that, philbin throws his arms out and his smile grows more, more so to bare his teeth.
“GREAT MIND TELLING ME WHAT THE FUCK…” philbin grabs onto the skin of the void and pulls at it.
then tearing a chunk off, “THIS HERE IS?” revealing Winslow crawling underneath,
pausing mid step and sweating up a storm for getting caught.]-

I was gonna add a third page where its basically just saw gaslighting philbin into
thinking the phantom os just a figment of his imagination… but then decided against it. shrugs.