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March 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There is beef busy paining the phantoms nails, and there is phoenix busy applying mascara to phantoms eye.

"O M G" the phantom flutters his eye open. "you know what would be SO funny to do together?"
he places a hand to his own cheek and smiles sweetly.

"huh? phoenix says, "what?" says beef. both wondering what could be so funny to do together.
is all that phantom says in a flat tone.

Phoenix and beef look at each other for a bit, considering the possibilities. "OOOOH that DOES sound FUN"
beef claps his hands together. pheonix just has a wild look in her eye as she smiles with her teeth.

"Swag." phantom wraps his arms around each of the twos shoulders.

I frankly dont give much of a shit about shipping... but yknow what. fuck it. lets be cringe.
lets make this bitch poly or whatever. Who gives a shit anymore. release that out to the ecosystem.