AHU Back


March 3, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom is at a piano, playing away at the notes. a small pleasure he gives himself
before the pain shows up. the pain being that none other than swan.
“ah, there you are.” swan smiles up at him. still hammering away at the piano once again.“ he wags a finger up.
"creating more tunes for me to use? …heh…”

As the phantom sits in bliss as he continues to press the keys, he looks down at swan.
an actual genuine smile of joy and happiness comes across him.

The next page shows the piano now in a crumpled pile of rubble with swan in an even
worse state having been beaten into a pulp on top of it. with the phantom walking out of the cameras view, leaving the mess behind.]-

if im gonna make their designs be all cartoony and shit, might as well employ cartoony physics.