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april 9, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Phoenix approaches the phantom, “oh hey winslow, me and beef are gonna watch a movie later.”
and then she points a thumb behind her, “wanna join?” He smiles at her, “oh I’ll love to!”
he clasps his hands together, “but first let me check my schedule first!”

He holds up a small booklet and scratches his mask a bit, “
2pm: punch swan. 3pm: kick swan. 4pm: throw swan against a brick wall. 5pm: flay swan. 6pm:…”
he looks back at her as he points to the booklet, “oh hey six is free! yeah sure”

Phoenix takes a moment just staring at him. she raises her eyebrows and
looks away a bit, “wow… never knew you were such… a… busy guy.”]-

oh dont get me started on what 7pm is all about… *shudders*
as I was making this one, I was listening to pigeon sounds instead of music.