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March 31, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Sitting on chairs around a table, phantom and swan are sharing some tea time together.
swan with a small little cup and phantom just sipping straight out of the kettle.

“SLURP… tup tup tup.” swan finishes his drink and looks inside the cup. he turns to phantom hand
holds against to his face, “Winslow… did you sneak poison into my cup?”

Phantom smiles back, beaming with pride and joy. he leans his head in, placing a hand to the
side of his mouth as he whispers and points his thumb at behind himself,
“hey who says it wasn’t one of the juicy fruits?”
he makes a full belly laugh, holding onto his chest, “OF COURCE IT WAS ME!”

Swan points a finger gun at phantom “oh you…”. phantom looks off
to the side and places a hand on his face, “tee hee”.

Things come back from a joking manner. at least for phantom, he’s just staring at swan.
swan on the other hand still things are in the joke moment.

Phantom is sick of swans shit. he stands up and flips the table, slamming swan against
the wall with the entire table thrown against his body.]-

im… these were horrible shades of yellow and purple to throw on phantom. im not using those again.

there will never be a moment of peace between these two dumbasses.