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March 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Putting a stack of papers on his desk, the phantom makes it a bit more tidy before
being down underneath it. a hand of swan leans into frame, making for the papers.

While the phantom is distracted with whatever he's doing under the desk, swan takes the stack
and quickly skedaddles away. phantom leans back up, pulling out a toilet plunger.
"ah here it is". he is not oblivious of what swan just did.

The plunger is held above his head, ready for phantom to throw it like a damn spear.

Swan happily runs away, holding onto the stack of papers he just stole.

Then retribution comes in the form of the plunger flying at him.

Now the papers are ready for the phantom to walk up and reclaim, collecting the sheet in his hands.

The phantom is very proud and beaming with joy. "Mornin swan." he walks past him,
who is now stuck against the wall. paint and plaster chipping away to reveal the bricks
underneath, the plunger firmly keeping swans head in place.]-

I will use the plunger as a joke for every possible chance I can make. even though
it was on screen for like. 7 seconds of the entire movie. more humorous than y'know... phantom pulling out the dagger.