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April 12, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There is swan being a smug bastard. a dagger shows up and is held at his neck.
"ah winslow leach..." swan is calm and collected, knowing full well who's holding the blade.

He slowly turns his head to the side, "its so good to see yoOOH FUCK" he is face to face with that who is now the phantom.

The phantom keeps the dagger held in threatening position, ready to go into his throat,
he can only make gurgling noises because of how damaged his vocal cords are.
swan stares at him for a moment, them fold his arms together.
"really Winslow? you wear this now? really winslow?" this makes phantom back up a bit in confusion.

"Of ALL the things in the dressing room..." swan pokes a bit at phantoms chest,
"you chose the ONE leather suit." well now what is phantom to do about that observation,
swan nudges his elbow on him, "the nerd unleashed ey?"]-

either winslow just created his phantom fursona on a whim, grabbing what he can...
or he already had a taste for the leather aesthetic.