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March 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan walks up to phantom, who is crouching over a small keyboard piano. pressing on a key and
making the note drone out, and a smoking pipe sticking out of his mouth.
"ah- new piano! you like it?" swans says with a smile. phantom just looks with a frown. \

Slowly the phantom brings a hand up, then flicks the pipe out of his mouth.
then holds a finger up as he speaks, "actually yes! yes I am!"

A smile crops up as he continues to talk, "its light and portable! I can take it with me as I crawl between walls.
the keys press just firmly enough and the texture isn't too smooth!" the phantom just looks happier
and happier as he speaks. "AND and and, I learned how to put custom notes and sound bites."

"Ah!" swan grins out, "grand grand... I was also got--" he stops in his tracks as he hears what he was
talking about the custom sounds. the phantom repeatedly pressing down on a key,
making it ring out with a series of "fuck you fuck you fuck you". the phantom is smug about this skill.]-

theres literally no reason for me to shove the pipe there other than "hehe funny".
also I know nothing of being a piano nerd so like I dont know if the smoothness of the keys or whatever are a factor to be had.