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April 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom is pulling at his lips, showing phoenix his teeth for her to take a close look,
"ohhh wow. I thought you just had braces or something the entire time." she squints and points
at his mouth a bit, "but no... they just tore the entire bitch out and stuffed foil in your mouth."

"You uhhhh..." phoenix tries to lighten the mood, pointing finger guns at phantom,
"you... you must save a lot on tooth paste! heh heh..."
phantom just stares down at her with his eye growing wet and somber.

"I have not had any chance to clean myself ever since it was said I've died."
he starts to just state the facts outright. "so yes. I have saved a lot on toothpaste."
each passing second is just making him feel worse. "or soap."

Beef walks into frame, stopping their chat. "ok thats it for talking." he continues to walk
past them, grabbing onto phantom and carrying him under his arm while phoenix just looks on, "shower time. now."]-

I wonder if having chromium teeth would give a stronger bite force...