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JAN 30 2021

-[DESCRIPTION: Philbin is minding his own buisness, reading some book. And then Swan bursts open the door.
"PILBIN got you a new roommate!!1!"

"I'm sure you two would get along juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine"
As he speaks, he reaches his hands behind hisself. Next thing is he pulls out the entire curled up, wimpering, bug eyed shape of Winslow in a cartoony manner.
"why- its like getting a PUPPY for your birthday!"

And as for Philbin, he's mostly been ignoring everything Swan has been saying, rather more interested in his book than getting a random ass roommate.
but then realizes that the new random ass roommate isnt JUST some random ass. thats THEE phantom guy!

Neither Philbin nor Winslow know what the fuck to do with eachother in this situation. ]-

*throws in a liter box and a water bottle*
“ok have fun good luck”