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February 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: while swan is lounging around without a care in the world, philbin approaches him. “uhhh hey boss?” he’s a bit hesitant.
“yeah?” swan lets him speak. “is it just ME or like…” philbin continues, “has there been strange happenings around here?
I got a feeling theres a gas leak or SOMETHING”.

Swan doesn’t turn his head or anything, just speaking like normal, “oh yeah? like what?” with that,
philbin is taken aback as to how casual he is on his words, still philbin pushes his concerns out.
“i… STUFF…. I dont know. weird noises in the walls… I DID check for rats though. wailing sounds at 3:06am…”
the next part he mumbles out, “some shadow the hedgehog march lying around…”

At those clarifications, does swan react. just by laughing and waving a hand out. “oh that.. hAh… HaH..”
a pause is made between his words. “thats just the shadow man.” not knowing what the fuck swan meant by that,
philbin wanted to know what the fuck swan meant by that. “the what?”

Swan doesn’t give anything except a casual wave to the air. “just dont look him in the eye…
give him dog treats if he doesn’t kill ya.” philbin is just even more scared and even more confused,
unaware that behind him, as the camera turns, is the phantom, looming.]-

I think it would be funnier if swan just doesn’t say shit about Winslow as the phantom. “oh must be the wind” and all that mumbo jumbo.