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April 9, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: "PHILBIN" swan shouts out for him as he is currently getting mauled by the phantom. "oh fuck... //PHILBIN//!"

Philbin shows up, there he is, he's tired, looking down at the predicament his boss is in.
"give me a pay raise." its all he says. "w-what?" swan looks up at him as phantom is wrapping his teeth onto his scalp.

"CMON" this is a fight that swan is very clearly losing, barely keeping the snapping jaw
away from his head, "PHILBIN ARE YOU SERIOUS?" philbin has long since lost his fucks,
and holds up a piece of paper, "here is my two week resignation notice."

Its at this moment that swan realizes that philbin is in fact serious and that he
himself is quickly running out of options. "HOW MUCH?" he pleads out before the teeth
completely take over him. "630% increase." philbin replies nonchalantly. with swans arm being there
only part hanging out of phantoms mouth, he gives a thumbs up.

Only now does philbin act, holding up a spray bottle and spritzing water onto the phantom.
"bad uhhh... kitty thing. go to your room. go on shoo git." the phantom gets agitated enough
to give up and cough swan back out. he walks away as swan lays on the ground looking like shit
and philbin looms over swan, "you better not skimp out on me.]-

little does philbin know is that phantom is acting out to his benefit, and is probably better to leave him alone at it.